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Bonsai Trees


Bebop Bonsai bonsai garden


Pick-up and drop-off available.  Boarded bonsai receive the highest-quality bonsai care, customized to its individual needs.

Rates starting at $10/tree/day for small trees.

Bonsai Tools

Bonsai Work

Bonsai styling, wiring, pruning, potting, aftercare, and general maintenance.

Rates start at $80.


We sell high-quality Japanese fertilizer and bonsai pots from local artists.

Trees for Sale

We sell bonsai in all stages of development from starter material to show-quality bonsai compositions.

Ian Evans with Dwarf Alberta Spruce Bonsai Tree


Hi, I'm Ian.

 I am a husband, a father, and a lifelong artist. But I wasn’t always a bonsai artist. I didn’t always live the bonsai life. I didn’t pay attention to the yearly path of the sun. I didn’t need to heed the patterns of rain, snow, ice, and chilling cold of the wind during winter. I didn’t bother with growing seasons and the timeline of the earth’s rotation on its axis and it’s path around the sun. Things I loved and cared for every day didn’t depend on those forces of nature in a meaningful or immediate way. It took a long time to find the trees.  (Read more)

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Dave Jones

I couldn't have asked for a more knowledgeable, more expert, friendly master of bonsai than Ian. The skill in his repotting and care has revived my pot-bound bonsai to glory. He has been great with post-repotting care questions.  I couldn't be more pleased.

Angelina Crosby-Pigott

Bebop Bonsai was the perfect choice for boarding my bonsai plants while we were out of town. Ian is a consummate professional, and his passion for bonsai is evident in his work and how he cares for my plants. Plus, his bonsai garden is breathtaking!

David Brumley

Good bonsai find a harmonious balance. Great bonsai transport you to another place. Ian's bonsai are great.

Austin Kuffle

Awesome Service.

Whether you are an expert or just someone starting out on your Bonsai journey and need a hand, look no further than Bebop Bonsai.  Ian is very knowledgeable and will help you with any and all things bonsai. Bebop Bonsai is my go-to place because I know my trees will be treated with care.

Kyle Himes

I have been working with Ian for about a year now. I've purchased fertilizer, pots, soil, show-ready trees and trees to help me grow into the hobby. Ian takes the time to walk me through my purchases, helping me explore the art of bonsai. Bebop Bonsai is a one-stop-shop for trees, supplies, knowledge, and mentorship. Thanks, Ian.



Ian Evans - Bonsai Guy



Open by appointment only

Contact Ian for available hours

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