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Variegated Hinoki Cypress

Hinoki Spruce Bonsai and  jelly bean plant kusamono by Ian Evans

Style: Informal Upright

Vessel: Bonsai pot and accent pot by Mark Mohler

Japanese Boxwood 

Japanese Boxwood Bonsai

Style: Broom Style

Vessel: Alexandra Henslee

Japanese Barberry

Barberry Bonsai by Ian Evans

Style: Semi-cascade, windswept

Vessel: Heidi Jacobs

Carpinifolia (Ulmus minor)

Carpinifolia Bonsai by Ian Evans (defoli

Style: Naturalistic Style (field-grown stock)

Vessel: Mica Pot (for root training)

Mugo Pine

Mugo Pine Bonsai by Ian Evans

Style: Semi-cascade

Vessel: Chinese production pot

Japanese Boxwood 

Boxwood Bonsai by Ian Evans_edited.jpg

Style: Broom Style

Vessel: Kilnery Bonsai Pot by Jon Burgess

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