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  • Ian Evans

Bonsai Design - Do you have an artist's eye?

The practice of bonsai involves two main topics: bonsai care and bonsai design. There are many articles written about these distinct but related subjects. Horticultural knowledge will keep your bonsai healthy, and careful and deliberate design will make your bonsai beautiful.

Part of the design element, from initial structural pruning and first major wiring, down to seasonal maintenance pruning and refinement of ramification and taper, to creating and maintaining the aesthetic appearance of a bonsai tree, demands a careful eye for detail and a strong, creative, and artistic sensibility. The sculptural and dimensional characteristics will determine the flow of the overall design, how the tree relates to its final planting vessel, and in turn, the overall image of the bonsai itself. Without an artistic eye and careful hands to guide and refine the design, your bonsai will only ever be a shrub in a pot.

What if you are adept at the science part but lack the artistic ability or inspiration required to clearly see a finished bonsai design among the branches of a piece of nursery stock?

What if you have a bonsai that's grown out of its silhouette and you aren’t sure how to bring back its image?

What if you have a bonsai and want to redesign it completely?

How do you decide if your idea is even feasible?

What if you are scared to make big cuts or bends?

Do you know how to carve, shape, or age deadwood features on your bonsai?

What do you do? Let me help you achieve your vision. Schedule a Bonsai Pruning, Bonsai Maintenance, or Bonsai Styling appointment, and let me do all the hard work!

Aftercare services are available, so contact me about our Bonsai Tree Boarding service and let us care for your beloved bonsai collection for the winter season or while you go on vacation. We also care for individual trees after major work or repotting.

Take the stress and pressure out of bonsai maintenance and design. Make an appointment today!

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